A long time ago on a DiY bench far, far away . . .

John S. Atchley created a website called GuitarNuts. Essentially a mega-blog with numerous pages of tutorials, DiY tips, documented modifications of guitars and amplifiers, and a forum for visitors to communicate with him, as well as with each other.

A hacker disrupted and destroyed the forum and John chose to remove the remnants. The hacker was unable to damage the other areas of the website so those parts were preserved and John continued to add to them. But he chose to not build a new forum.

The community which existed at that time was well established and one of the members (Random Hero) created a new forum here on ProBoards. Although Mr Atchley did not become a member of the new forum, there was a symbiotic relationship between him and GuitarNuts2. He provided a link on his website to this forum and for several years, there was a highly visible link to his site on this forum. Many of those who had been members of the forum on the original Guitarnuts site became members here. As the new forum was named "Guitarnuts 2", by default the original site was called here the "original Guitarnuts site", and you may see those references here.

During the roughly 13 years since, many things have changed but one constant remains. The shared attitude of this community that good enough isn't really good enough. We love to tinker, to find an improved tone or a better way, or sometimes just for the sake of tinkering inside our guitars.

In the early days, there was little need for an extended staff. GuitarNuts2 was a friendly community with highly active members. Random Hero set the proper tone and allowed nature to take its course. The conversations ranged from serious and technical to imaginative and theoretical, to trivial and in many cases downright silly and amusing. After starting with a mostly blank slate, the contribution of content reached a point where organizing the content for proper access became a necessity.

Over the years, Real Life has, from time to time, intruded into the administration of the Forum. RandomHero relinquished administrative duties to sumgai, who later took a sabbatical of his own, delegating the duties to newey. sumgai later returned, and new staff, Moderator and Global Moderators, have been added since. All the staff are happy to jump in to answer queries. Many of the staff have years of experience with matters electrical and guitar-related. We can't promise to have the answers to all guitar-related questions, but we'll try- and if we can't help, we can usually point the questioner in the right direction.

The late ChrisK was a constant mentor and presence here despite not wanting to take the reins himself. And Global Moderator JohnH has been a constant since the start of the Forum. RH is still the Owner of the forum, and he pops in occasionally when he can.

Sadly, the original GuitarNuts site ceased to exist a few years ago. But we continue to carry the flag. Some of the content of the original site is archived here. More importantly, the legacy of investigating, modifying, documenting and sharing exemplified on the GuitarNuts site lives on with us.

The recent Photo-BugIt (aka PhotoBucket) Hostage Crisis wreaked havoc on the entire internet community. Our forum was hit hard, having precious drawings replaced with ransom notes. Where others might have given up, we searched for and found ways of mitigating the damage, largely through the efforts of Yogi B who has earned a place in GuitarNutz history.

So that's the history, in a NutzShell. What does the future hold? That story hasn't yet been written. But we do hope you're included in the cast.